Friday, February 9, 2007

Well I tried the pink paper again today and turned the lights up. I also tried it with the backdrop light but that was too much... one part of the drop was white and the rest was pink! So I shot with just 2 lights one on each side, a soft box on the 800 turned to about 1/4 and the 400 with a bounce umbrella turned up to almost 1/3? here's my results... I am happier with the pink... it looks a little peachish here but actually the real one is pretty pink? The boys are watching "Facing the giants" so I only took the time to upload one picture!! If anyone has not seen that movie I would highly highly recommend it as probably the best movie we saw in 2006!! Loved it!!!


deeya said...

I like this shot.. it's sweet... Sounds like that pink backdrop is giving you fits though... keep working on it.. you are definitely getting it!

Margie is Challenged said...

Love the pink.. She is such a good model.. Lighting looks even onn this shot! M

Anna said... pretty in pink. Love it!