Monday, February 12, 2007

Here is a picture of a picture (ha ha!) that my boys worked on together to paint for me! Does it matter that the leaves are tree leaves on a flower? Not to me it doesnt!!! I have a hard time keeping all of their art work so I've begun to take pictures of their pictures then combine them into a monthly collage or something smaller than keeping the hundreds!! Especially the ones with noodles or something on them that bugs may enjoy!! So after I display it proudly for a little while and get a picture of it then I dont feel so guilty getting rid of the original!!


Patti and Larry White said...

marla! dont get rid of the originals!! kept all my kids stuff..ok so when i moved they got it all back, but hey..i loved looking at them! a rose is a rose is a rose (nothing was said about leaves)

deeya said...

Love the picture... and that they worked on it together.

I read about someone that had one box for each school year...and had the kids help weed out what to save and what to get rid of each year. :) (Don't you love the advice of a non-parent??) LOL :)