Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Well I decided to do another photo journalistic approach of my day!!! Here is the banana bread I made this morning for the boys to take for breakfast... nice mom, huh?? So then it's shower and get ready.. get the kids up at 6:35......

and out the door by 7:00
Drop the boys off at my friends to eat then she takes them to school on my work days!
Then it's time to drop Abby off at her in-home preschool! And off to work for me!
This morning though I had to make a stop at Price Chopper floral to pick up the 'out of date' flowers. My kids at work dry the petals then use them in our homemade paper greeting cards! Price Chopper saves them from the garbage for us and I go pick them up!! It's a great savings for us!
Then it's off to work where I was surprised with a triple chocolate cake, a dozen roses and a picture of my awesome "family"!!!

Here are my pretty roses!! I thought I'd snap another picture of my favorite barn on my way home also!!
These are out of order but this afternoon instead of being at school all day we had a meeting in the afternoon with all of the occupational therapists at district office.
Here's my kid's!!!

After work and the meeting I picked up the boys at 3:35 and it was so nice today after being freezing for so long we played outside and rode bikes for a while before heading off to work at church! here is Andrew's big jump!
and here is Zachary's!!!
At 5:00 we made it to church to do Alpha Sprouts of which I am the childrens' ministry director for....
Finally headed home for the day at 9:15 I snapped this on the highway!! I put the camera on the dash and set a slow shutter and just drove!!!
When I got home my hubby and kids shocked me with my birthday gift!!! A Zune!!! It has 30 gig's of memory, a bigger screen than an IPOD and can do slide shows and music!!! So cool!!!!! Woo hoo!!! What a day!!!


D Shoro said...

What a nice day, thanks for sharing it with us!

Margie is Challenged said...

Well there has to be a law about working so darn hard on your Birthday.. BUT, looks like you did all the thing that you LOVE to do!!
Congrat on the GIFT. Look cool.. M

OH and OK everyone look Marla was driving and shooting.. I dont do that (much) anymore.. LOL

Patti and Larry White said...

im tired just reading about her day! sheesh girl! take a nap! :)

Anna said...

What a BUSY day!!! but what a great way to end it. I've been eyeing a Zune too...but alas I didn't get one for my birthday.

deeya said...

What a busy Birthday! and Happy Birthday from me too... It's always fun to read about someone else's day.. of course your's wore me out!